The Whole-Self Power Framework

A framework that helps people discover, heal and align. This allows you to transform your unique story, greatest vulnerabilities and authenticity to step into their outer power personally and professionally.


Discover your highest vision and get support on your deepest challenges to move forward

  • Permission and space to vision 
  • Vision precedes provision
  • Name barriers and triggers
  • Understand their origin and sources


Learn and transform to make bigger impact on your health, family and work

  • Assess cycles and cost to health, family, finances, career, and community
  • Unlearn old programming and create new programming
  • Whole-life leadership and legacy


Define daily practices that over time make monumental change

  • Re-wire old habits using our The Whole Inside™ daily tool
  • Learn how to achieve goals easier with our Elevation timeline planning
  • Set your life on a new paradigm


The future belongs to those with the courage to create it

  • Scale your career, business or mission with my E.A.S.E. method
  • Reframe your work as “the art” you are on this planet to create
  • Establish, level up and energize your platform with a change-maker mindset