When I met you I was deep in the chaos of corporate life.  I learned a lot, I moved quickly and I was getting rewarded but I wasn’t happy.  I was deep in the “perform, conform, produce” cycle and frankly I was losing who I was and my happiness.  But meeting you was a lifeline.  It was validation that I wasn’t crazy, that I was hitting up on the system, and it wasn’t me.  I wasn’t the problem.  You were a cheerleader and a coach when I had none. 

More than any of that though, you were the first woman who entered my new circle, my new tribe.  Now my circle is full and I am surrounded by amazing women but when I met you it was something that had always eluded me.  You were the first and it was life changing. Your gift is helping women see their light especially when they are in structures that dim them.  You show alternative ways of working and you boost people up but most importantly your energy is infectious.  You breed change agents through your energy and the world needs them more than ever. I would not be in my new life without you.

— Deepa Purushothaman, Author of The Few, The First, The Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America

I have helped high impact entrepreneurs scale income, impact and re-source energy

I have helped people turn their mission into movements

I have a knack for convening and gathering remarkable women and leaders

“Claudia is one of my favorite people in the entire world. Her work and book This Is How We Rise has been truly life changing for me. It inspired our company tag line “we rise together by lifting others.”

Amanda Tress

CEO & Founder, Faster Way to Fast Loss, Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies

“The coaching day we had has completely empowered me to make the moves I so deeply needed to make since that very day, from closing my boutique to focusing on just the perfume and candles and slowly planting all of the seeds for my future. Over the course of the last 3 years, the seeds you planted start growing, then growing rapidly and now they are flourishing. I remember so many things about that day, and I revisit our conversation very often as I remind myself to stay focused and clear on my path. I appreciate you, and that day more than you could know and just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your wisdom, it has been life-changing for me.”

Sage Machado

Owner & Founder , Sage Perfume

“Claudia Chan is a total life transformation tornado.  She takes high-order observations and applies them in a practical way, delivering a rare combination of ruthless honesty and compassion.  At a time when humanity has been traded for tech, she has infused spirit and soul back into work.  I would not be becoming the woman I am without her coaching.”

Kathleen Griffith

Investor & Founder, Grayce & Co., Build Like a Woman (CAA Rep)

“Claudia – everything about you differentiates you. You are one of the few leaders focused on wholeness. I mentioned you to one of my coaches today, I will never forget what you said to me about my work. To paraphrase, you tied my success in the supplier diversity space to success at home with my husband, my family, my employees. 

You pulled me towards the highest vision of what I wanted but could not put language to. You have been my “wizard of oz” and help me be fully me.”

Jean Kristensen

CEO , JKA Solutions in Supply Chain Diversity & MWBE Capacity Builder

“I wanted to create a conference and a movement to support my mission of accelerating gender equality through female entrepreneurship. I had no idea how to make this a reality so I reached out to Claudia Chan based on her work with the She Summit. Claudia helped me get clear on the concept for my conference, create a master plan and gave me the support I needed to execute. Even before the conference takes place the whole concept is a sounding success. I highly recommend working with Claudia for your conference and movement.”

Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

Europe's Online Business Mentor , The Sigrun Show and Selfmade Summit

“Claudia was one of the very first people to identify how my experience with a failed health system for women could help others. As a result, I have become a passionate advocate for women’s health, exposing clinical gender bias and treatment failures in my writing and work. I am now working on a book, called Bad Periods, and share my work through talks and speaking engagements.

Claudia has an uncanny vision and way of seeing the potential in your work that even you may not yet see, and a unique way of getting you excited about work you didn’t even know you’d be doing! She’s a fierce advocate for women and our amazing potential to heal and change the world, and I highly recommend working with her in any capacity.”

Meghan Cleary

Writer & entrepreneur , who focuses on clinical gender bias in medicine

“My introduction to Claudia happened 6 years ago. At that time I was new to director level leadership and had just started my company’s Women’s Alliance. At that time, Claudia saw in me what I hadn’t seen yet.
Through her coaching, mentorship and vision for me and my wholistic self, Claudia guided me to my full potential. I recommend any up and coming leader to actively seek out Claudia to help guide their future.”

Puja Rios

Chief Revenue Officer, Frame.IO

“Claudia Chan is a force of nature for women looking to rise in their careers and lead, while constantly pulling one another ahead to realize their fullest potential. Claudia has galvanized women and started a movement that empowers, inspires, and connects the dots for women to be powerful and successful in their lives and careers. Her thought-provoking book goes under the soil and pulls back the curtain on topics that woman most often feel are off-limits, but that are the fundamental keys to success.” 

Lauren Maillian

Entrepreneur, marketer, best-selling author & former CEO, digitalundivided

“Claudia Chan is one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs I know. Her book is critical for mainstreaming and modernizing women’s empowerment.” 

Ali Brown

Entrepreneur, mentor, and CEO , The Trust

“Along with Sheryl Sandberg and Sallie Krawcheck, Claudia Chan has been one of the instrumental leaders fueling the popularity of feminism we are seeing today. Her vision of mainstream empowerment and work to make it more globally accessible through the S.H.E. Summit and this book has been impressive and courageous. And she is extremely thoughtful about educating women to recruit men in her work.”

John Gerzema

Author & Columnist, The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future

“I have personally witnessed how Claudia has created a successful life from inside out and has made herself available to lift other women to their potential. She lives, loves, and serves women with a passion like none other! She has a lot to teach us about what it takes to be united in helping women rise. Her coaching inspires and guides others to see the possibilities and act upon them.”

Agapi Stassinopoulos

Author , Unbinding the Heart

“Equality is essential to the future success of humanity; it is not something to be feared or threatened by, but rather a standard to empower us all to live life to the fullest. Claudia Chan has been one of the most dedicated and inspiring voices calling on all people to work together for this basic human right.” 

Nigel Barker

Photographer, filmmaker, and New York Times bestselling author

“Claudia Chan has done a remarkable job growing S.H.E. Summit as a way for women to come together and learn from each other in a supportive and empowering environment.” 

Lauren Bush

Founder , FEED Projects

“It is time for women to tell our new story. Claudia is a role model herself of a woman who went after her dreams to live her own truth.” 

—Zainab Salbi

Founder, Women for Women International

“This is the century of women. Few recognize and support the empowerment of and community building between women and men with as much dedication as Claudia Chan through her book This Is How We Rise.” 

Harvey Karp, MD

Creator , The Snoo & The Happiest Baby on the Block Books

“Claudia continues to inspire everyone with her passion and purpose. Her holistic approach challenges each of us to reflect on our personal mission, rise to our fullest potential and provoke others to do the same.” 

Marie Claire Lim

CEO, TransUnion Asia Pacific

“Having been in corporate America for over 25 years and taken countless leadership training from Pacific Institute to Franklin Covey, Claudia Chan’s How We Rise coaching is the best training I have ever done because of its design with a “whole life” approach for you to excel in your personal life and career. Throughout the course, having Claudia on my mentor team was like having the secret recipe for owning my presence and voice as a leader. The course challenged me to look beyond what I previously thought the definition of leadership was. I walked away with more confidence, clarity and a plan to live my life and career as a “Whole Life Leader.”

Darleen Ghirardi

Vice President of Procurement, Spectra

“At this critical time, we need leaders who are empathetic and compassionate. Claudia has created the the first curriculum that I found truly embraces holistic leadership. Not a lot of people have the gift of tapping into the heart, mind, body and soul — that is what “whole-life” is. If you are looking to transform your company’s culture, tap into this.”

Christine Ramsay

Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Intercept Pharmaceuticals

“Claudia Chan is a revolutionary who understands how important women’s release from diminishing social expectations are to everyone’s prosperity. She inspired me to launch my financial services company when she asked me “Who are the banks that support women?” When I couldn’t answer her, I realized I had to do it myself. She’s an instigator to many women stepping up into previously unimaginable roles of power and influence.”

Amanda Steinberg

Founder & CEO , DailyWorth.com & WorthFM

“As women move into the leadership realm in every aspect of life and work, it becomes more and more critical that we ask ourselves questions like: Power for what purpose? Leadership for what kind of future? These are the questions that Claudia Chan asks―and answers―in her work and important book, This Is How We Rise. Her ideas and tools about moving from a ‘me over we’ mindset to a ‘me for we’ way of living and leading are critical for our times.”

Elizabeth Lesser

Cofounder , Omega Institute and author of Broken Open and Marrow

Claudia’s coaching and book This Is How We Rise challenges the core of the ‘me’ mentality and proposes a ‘we’ movement. In football, we say football, family, and faith to promote success by playing for something bigger than the individual. Claudia masterfully crafts this philosophy into a strategy for empowering women and kickstarting movements. Together, we can all rise. For the love of progress, read this book today.”

Dr. Jen Welter

Speaker, Author, First female coach in the NFL

“Claudia Chan’s coaching and book provides a blueprint for addressing one of the most urgent issues of our time–gender equality–on both a personal and societal level. She will transform any person or organization who wants to start a movement that empowers women.”

Reshma Saujani

Founder , Girls Who Code and Marshall Plan for Moms

“If you’re looking to align your life and career with social impact, Claudia is one of the best investments you can make. She will inject you with a mix of inspiration, spirituality, and business strategy, Claudia provides a practical plan for how to channel your life purpose and create a more equal world for women and men.” 

Sallie Krawcheck

CEO and Cofounder , Ellevest, chair of Ellevate Network, and author of Own It

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