Whole-Self Power Coaching

Helping women discover, heal and align with their true selves to step into their own authentic power.

  • Recognize and let go of the emotional stress and effort you’re carrying
  • Feel more peace, presence and power at work and at home
  • See a vision for you that you may not see for yourself
  • Create the courage to impact change through your authentic story and vulnerabilities

Many of you know me through my award-winning S.H.E. Summit, NY Times celebrated book This Is How We Rise,  leadership podcast, keynotes, and workshops.

I’m devoted to empowering women and the cultures we live and work in.  

Through my work with the thousands of women I have coached, advised, surveyed and broken bread with, we’ve found common challenges that many of us face. 

We look fabulous on the outside, but our quality of experience does not match up on the inside.

Women in Corporate

Struggle to grow their leadership and impact without compromising health, family & conformity in a traditional system

Female Entrepreneurs

Even with success often avoid or neglect areas of life which remain unhealed and impacts love, relationships, money, healthy and more 

Working Mothers

Often prioritize 80% to “work and family operations” while their health, marriage and/or community (3 critical human needs for wellbeing, belonging & safety) get the leftover 20% 


Feel changes due to mid-life, moving, a loss, health issues, motherhood, caregiving or identity evolution (who they are today may no longer be fed by the path they started years ago)

The Costs of Not Addressing

Emotional labor (chronic busyness, control, worry, imposter talk, rumination, etc) is invisible so we can hide it, effort our way through it, or compensate in other areas.

But it takes its toll in other areas. 

Whole-Self Power

Re-program the novel in your mind.

The good news is that the emotional labor you feel is NOT because of you. Your experience is a universal female experience. My framework helps you view yourself, your vision and desires in a new way.  I give you new practices that improve the quality of your daily work-life experiences. By mastering your inner-world, you’re able to step into your personal power. The results are convincing.

Peace and Safety

Heal rumination or over-control/think on topics like your identity, money, family etc


Understand your social anxiety, people pleasing & over-giving of yourself


Serve your talents and passions that are not being put to use at their potential

Joy & Overflow

Ensure your life blessings feel more like abundance and less like being overwhelmed


Eliminate envy or imposters that shrink you and make you feel small and powerless

The Whole-Self Power Coaching Framework

A framework that helps people discover, heal and align. This allows you to transform your unique story, greatest vulnerabilities and authenticity to step into their outer power personally and professionally.


Discover your highest vision and get support on your deepest challenges to move forward

  • Name barriers and triggers
  • Understand their origin and sources
  • Assess cycles and their cost to your health and family


Learn and transform to make bigger impact on your health, family and work

  • Assess cycles and cost on your finances, career, and community
  • Unlearn old programming and create new programming
  • Whole-life leadership and legacy


Define daily practices that over time make monumental change

  • Create a new paradigm and re-wire old habits using our The Whole Inside™ daily tool
  • Learn how to achieve goals easier with our Elevation timeline planning
  • Get you back on track by learning regulators.

About Me

I am a wife and mother of 2 with a list of accolades from my 23 years of entrepreneurship:

  • Speaker & expert on leadership,  culture, community, and entreprenuership
  • New York Times celebrated author of This Is How We Rise
  • Creator of S.H.E. Summit
  • CEO of S.H.E. GLOBL influencing inclusive workplaces with 700 speakers & champions
  • UN Women Champion for Innovation

I’ve been through many of these challenges. For the longest time my strategy to success  was working from scarcity and putting pressure on myself (because this was the only way my parents as Chinese immigrants knew how…),


Claudia Chan’s coaching and book provides a blueprint for addressing one of the most urgent issues of our time–gender equality–on both a personal and societal level. She will transform any person or organization.

Reshma Saujani

New York Times Bestselling Author of Brave, Not Perfect; CEO of Marshall Plan for Moms; Founder of Girls Who Code

“Claudia Chan is a total life transformation tornado.  She takes high-order observations and applies them in a practical way, delivering a rare combination of ruthless honesty and compassion.  At a time when humanity has been traded for tech, she has infused spirit and soul back into work.  I would not be becoming the woman I am without her coaching.”

Kathleen Griffith

CEO, Investor & Founder, Grayce & Co., Build Like a Woman (CAA Rep)

When I met Claudia I was deep in the chaos of corporate life. I moved quickly and I was getting rewarded but I wasn’t happy.  I was deep in the “perform, conform, produce” cycle and frankly I was losing who I was and my happiness.  Having Claudia as a coach was a lifeline and validation that I was hitting up on the system, and it wasn’t me. She brought me to a my new life.

Deepa Purushothaman

Former Head of Inclusion at Deloitte, Author: The Few, The First, The Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America

The coaching we had has completely empowered me to make the moves I so deeply needed to make since that very day, from closing my boutique to focusing on just the perfume and candles and slowly planting all of the seeds for my future. Over the course of the last 3 years, the seeds you planted start growing, then growing rapidly and now they are flourishing. I remember so many things about that day, and I revisit our conversation very often as I remind myself to stay focused and clear on my path.

Sage Machado

Owner, Sage Perfumes

Not sure what program

is best for you?

Claudia – everything about you differentiates you. You are one of the few leaders focused on wholeness. You tied my success in the supplier diversity space to success at home with my husband, my family, and my employees. You pulled me towards the highest vision of what I wanted but could not put language to. You have been my “wizard of oz” and helped me fully be me.

Jean Kristensen

CEO, JKA Solutions in Supply Chain Diversity & MWBE Capacity Builder

3 Ways to Work With Me

And Experience Whole-Self Power 

Coaching with me feels like having a BFF champion, advisor and strategist who cares for your “whole-person” deeply and wants to get you to your goals faster using my life-long learnings, personal and professional tools. I am also a believer so you will feel spirit power from me.

Private Coaching & Advisory

1-on-1 sessions


If you want to level up, are at an inflection point, or desire or 1-on-1 support, for a limited time, I am offering private coaching and advisory.

The first engagement will provide me a holistic understanding of you and give you:

  • My Whole-Self Discovery Assessment and Vision
  • 1.5 hour coaching and advisory (on zoom)
audi ladies

Annual Membership

Ongoing coaching, inspiration, and support throughout the year. 

Launches May 1st, 2023 | $999 before April 15th. $1,299 after 

Our Membership provides monthly topics for you to learn in a virtual group setting.


  • Weekly coaching videos (total of 50)
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching & community zoom call (1.5 hrs)
  • Whole-Self Power Framework Roadmap
  • Member directory
  • Access to Member Portal with replays, resources and more
  • Surprise bonuses

Bonuses (over $15k of value)

  • How We Rise Courses
  • Pop-up up recordings
  • S.H.E. Summit Sessions with amazing influencers
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3-Month Group Program

A deeper experience of Claudia’s Whole-Self Power Framework

Launches July 1st | $2,499 before June 30th, $2,999 after  

Our Group Program follows a 3-month curriculum that provides a deeper dive into the Whole-Self Power Framework. Our virtual group setting gives you the space to evaluate, learn and transform your life. Hosted by Claudia, along with top guest speakers, our Live Monthly calls cover the topics and challenges that are relevant to us today, along with the strategies we need to address and take action. 

You’ll also be paired into smaller groups for an intimate community that provides an enhanced experience. Small groups meet after each live session where they dive deeper into the material with others in the program, providing support, accountability, and differing perspectives.

If you like community and creating new relationships with others going through the same challenges, apply now


  • 3 Live Monthly Calls w/ Claudia
  • Bi-Monthly Small Group Meetings (for a total of 6 meetings)
  • 1 Private Coaching Call with Claudia
  • Certification
  • Member directory
  • Access to Member Portal with replays
  • Surprise bonuses

Bonuses (over $15k of value)

  • How We Rise Courses
  • Pop-up up recordings
  • S.H.E. Summit Sessions with amazing influencers