Hello Beloved Inner Circle,

May’s theme is VISION. My goal this year is to stretch your vision because too often we can’t see past this week or the season given how busy life gets. But I want to share with you how I vision differently than what all the masterminds and leadership conferences tell us to. 

You see, I use to chase a vision defined by everything that culture says we need for success.
  • More revenue scale to reputation building opportunities.
  • More social proof (homes, nice things and places etc) to have more freedom and feel worthy.

Some of you may relate, but I learned later in life that my upbringing conditioned a belief in me that suffering was good and scarcity was always around the corner. I learned that I was always chasing a guaranteed safety that would be secured through a material and financial identity. I learned that I was chasing a ghost.

As a result the only strategy to success I knew was putting pressure on myself. And it was what was modeled to me.
When I did check all the boxes, that pressure bled into everything that mattered the most.
  • I felt my marriage was breaking and I lacked presence with my kids
  • I neglected my body, health and check ups
  • I always felt stress as nothing was ever enough, when goals were met I set the bar higher
  • I spent on unnecessary resources and superficial things instead of working on my inner-self
I had to recalibrate my life to what I describe as “getting whole-inside.” The best way I can describe it is that if you found out you had 3 years to live–how would you define what matters the most and prioritize your life. So how do I vision today?
  • I vision less striving and more arriving.
  • I vision what a life of maximum abundance with massive simplicity looks like—and always having more than enough financially to provide for that definition.
  • I vision less stuff to manage, more memories to create and adventure to experience.
  • I vision more daily peace, presence and intention to love on me (mind, body and spirit)–so I can love on and enjoy the family and people around me.
  • I vision what a deeply loving and fulfilling marriage looks like 
  • I vision who my kids Jackson and Arya would be as whole humans with deep inner resilience 
  • I vision the values I want to embody because I know my children and community will learn more from how I behave than what I say.
  • I vision creating art my whole life…a.k.a. initiatives that dent the universe with impact before I leave it.
  • I vision work as only doing what I love and how I want to spend my hours… which is helping humanity to–well–get more whole.

One thing I am learning is the more we are in joy and ease… the greater courage we have to be who we really are which is our power. And when we are in our power, abundance comes to us like never before. 




 Journal Prompt: 

After reading this post and watching the 1-min video,  journal any new visions and what you want more INCREASE in? 

2023 whole life circle

Self-love Reminders: 

  • This message compliments the WHOLE-SELF POWER Discovery Questionnaire you did or will do as you prepare for your private with me. (If you have not booked your private complimentary coaching session with me, please do so here).

  • You should have a Whole-Self Power Journal with all your key life departments as sections, below are above. What do you want to experience in these life areas? Create and rename life departments unique to you and your family. See this journal as your greatest investment of time… because if you love on you—your life departments will get the best of you, not the left over version of you. Keep adding to this journal through our journey and any other learnings that speak to you from books, podcasts, conferences, and special moments.

  • Increase your Income & Impact: S.H.E. GLOBL is on a on a mission to align 1000 women with their #WholeSelfPower by 2025 (outside of my corporate programs)… and my dream is for this to be a collective movement for all of us to increase our impact and income. So for every woman you refer, you will get 20% referral gift. We will be adding a “referral name” on the enrollment page for them to add your name.
  • Monthly “Cocktails with Claudia” gatherings are the last Monday 8PM EDT
    of each month. Think of it as a catch up drinks…and bring your soul, authenticity, wine, herbal tea, journals, PJ’s. Add to your calendar as a recurring event … of course optional but you never know what miracle it can bring. Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/w/87675496474?tk=5JxjDU9kX7G6w7wzOEy1-H9qs8dTEzljpRKwAKZa-GQ.DQMAAAAUad3oGhY3c2RZbFJkUVNrbThhRzFJejdqMDlnAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&pwd=K3ZwUWpHWVNGOTZ5OSt6ek9NU2xYdz09 Meeting ID: 876 7549 6474 Passcode: 107607