Hello Beloved Inner Circle,

What to know about this 60-minute training:


  • It is one of the most profound exercises to do as you start your journey with me, It really compliments the WHOLE-SELF POWER Discovery Questionnaire you did or will do as you prepare for your private with me. (If you have not booked your private complimentary coaching session with me, please do so here).
  • What is special is in this video is I share with you what my personal whole-self intentions are from January 2023 to show you an example,
  • It has powerful slides, visuals or quotes to help you vision, feel and imagine

 Journal Prompt: 

Start or make sure you have a Whole-Self Power Journal with all your key life departments as sections, below are mine. What do you want to experience in these life areas? Create and rename life departments unique to you and your family. See this journal as your greatest investment of time… because if you love on youyour life departments will get the best of you, not the left over version of you

Keep adding to this journal through our journey and any other learnings that speak to you from books, podcasts, conferences, and special moments. 

2023 whole life circle


  • Increase your Income & Impact: S.H.E. GLOBL is on a on a mission to align 1000 women with their #WholeSelfPower by 2025 (outside of my corporate programs)… and my dream is for this to be a collective movement for all of us to increase our impact and income. So for every woman you refer, you will get 20% referral gift venmo’d to you. We will be adding a “referral name” on the enrollment page for them to add your name. 
  • Our monthly gatherings are the last Monday 8PM EDT
    of each month. I am choosing evenings to create a “drinks with girlfriends” feeling so bring your soul, authenticity, wine, herbal tea, journals, PJ’s–makeup free). See your enrollment confirmation email for the calendar invite.