Create success that aligns with your whole-self and authenticity. 

Do you look impressive on the outside, but on the inside you feel chronically overwhelmed, critical, exhausted and never enough?


After 12 years of providing personal development programs for high-achievers and studying their mental and emotional health behind their “success,”

my research has shown:

1. High achievers often experience these symptons behind their impressive exterior image

  • Never measuring up to expectations of self
  • Chronic busyness from their work-life system
  • A strive for perfectionism when you know it doesn’t exist
  • People pleasing which results in a lack of boundaries
  • Inability to be present due to rumination on the past or future
  • Imposter syndrome that turns into self-sabotage
  • Putting pressure on the self has become a strategy for safety and worthiness
  • Fear of uncertainty which turns into over-controlling and thinking
  • Soul depletion from not feeling fulfilled in passion and purpose

2.  Today burn out is pervasive but unfortunately healing the deeper cycles that cause burn-out is not. My clients often come to me when challenges feel intolerable. My coaching clients are usually in 1 or more of these states:

Burn out – you have had a lot of career and earning success but parts of your personal life have really paid a price
Major life change – you are preparing for or in the midst of change (caregiving, move, career change, divorce, loss, health etc)
Level up professionally – you have done sufficient inner work and ready to align with your next chapter.

3.  Why is this? Because mental and emotional health is invisible, people can supress or repress it to “stay productive”.

As a result, culture has learned to self-soothe through alcohol, social media, and spending on superficial things that give the brain temporary dopamine, while the deeper issues causing the burn-out are neglected.

4. Two of the biggest excuses for avoiding coaching and counseling is the lack of time and money, when the neglect can cost them what matters most.






Life is short. Time is precious.

Not only do you deserve a richer quality of life where you feel these emotions more consistently, the next generation needs you to prove that it is possible and model it.

Peace and Safety

and a calm nervous system 


and feeling more than enough


in serving your talents for issues you care about


from gratitude and fullness


which actually comes from your story and truth

Ready to create success that aligns with your whole-self and more ease? 

Hi I am Claudia Chan

In the last 24 years, I have built several 6 to 7-figure businesses that have, in aggregate, impacted over 1MM people. You may know me from S.H.E. Summit, This Is How We Rise book, S.H.E. GLOBL corporate programs, TED talk, or Shecky’s Girls Night Out? 

But It was not until my early 40’s that I realized my lifetime strategy to success was chronic pressure–to the point where everything that mattered most in my life was getting the left-over version of me. High achievers are so wired to produce that it often takes a breakdown to breakthrough….sound famililar? 

In 2016 I lost my father while pregnant with my 2nd child. This not only inspired me to recalibrate my true priorities, it inspired a chapter in my book titled “Treat Your Whole Life as the Organization You Are Leading.”

This new definition of leadership and success was so transformational, not only for my life but for my readers and keynote audiences, it became a coaching framework called Whole-Self Leadership.™

In the last 5 years, I have coached 5000 women from 7-figure entrepreneurs from my S.H.E. Summit stage to rising leaders in global companies such as Morgan Stanley, ESPN DISNEY, PepsiCo, Aflac, Konica Minolta, Audi, Samsung and more.

Now I want to make it accessible to more everyone.

When I met Claudia I was deep in the chaos of corporate life. I moved quickly and I was getting rewarded but I wasn’t happy.  I was deep in the “perform, conform, produce” cycle and frankly I was losing who I was and my happiness.  Having Claudia as a coach was a lifeline and validation that I was hitting up on the system, and it wasn’t me. She brought me to a my new life.

Deepa Purushothaman

Former Head of Inclusion at Deloitte, Author: The Few, The First, The Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America

Claudia Chan’s coaching and book provides a blueprint for addressing one of the most urgent issues of our time–gender equality–on both a personal and societal level. She will transform any person or organization.

Reshma Saujani

New York Times Bestselling Author of Brave, Not Perfect; CEO of Marshall Plan for Moms; Founder of Girls Who Code

Claudia Chan is a total life transformation tornado.  She takes high-order observations and applies them in a practical way, delivering a rare combination of ruthless honesty and compassion.  At a time when humanity has been traded for tech, she has infused spirit and soul back into work.  I would not be becoming the woman I am without her coaching.

Kathleen Griffith

CEO, Investor & Founder, Grayce & Co., Build Like a Woman (CAA Rep)

Claudia – everything about you differentiates you. You are one of the few leaders focused on wholeness. I mentioned you to one of my coaches today, I will never forget what you said to me about my work. To paraphrase, you tied my success in the supplier diversity space to success at home with my husband, my family, my employees. 

You pulled me towards the highest vision of what I wanted but could not put language to. You have been my “wizard of oz” and help me be fully me.

Jean Kristensen

CEO , JKA Solutions in Supply Chain Diversity & MWBE Capacity Builder

The coaching we had has completely empowered me to make the moves I so deeply needed to make since that very day, from closing my boutique to focusing on just the perfume and candles and slowly planting all of the seeds for my future. Over the course of the last 3 years, the seeds you planted start growing, then growing rapidly and now they are flourishing. I remember so many things about that day, and I revisit our conversation very often as I remind myself to stay focused and clear on my path.

Sage Machado

Owner, Sage Perfumes

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It is time for women to tell our new story. Claudia is a role model herself of a woman who went after her dreams to live her own truth. 

Zainab Salbi

Founder, Women for Women International