4 Ways I Find Comfort in Taking Risk As An Entrepreneur

I saw an old friend Linsey over the weekend who knows me from 2 businesses ago as the co-founder of Shecky’s Girls Night Out shopping parties. If there are any Gen X or late Millennial women out there who remember our $100 value goodie bags.

I remember launching Girls Night Out with a partner right after September 11th in 2001 when New York women were craving fun and friendship. It became America’s largest shopping party and I was running a multi-million company at 28.

Linsey who has always worked for large companies, was telling me how she has always admired my ability to take risk so I thought I woudl share with you 3 reasons why I am:

    1. My parents came to America in the 1960’s and created businesses from nothing. I saw how once you commit to creating a business, that business will grow you into doing what it takes to make it a success. It is the commitment that will make you successful. So if I keep my commitments then I have zero-doubt that I won’t not be successful.
    2. In every business and project, I set a clear definition of “what success actually means to me” in terms of investment, impact, and (NET) income. I prioritize my health, family and how I want to spend my time… then the business confirms to this, not the other way around. This is a huge topic and how I want to help women recalibrate in my coaching membership
    3. Just as America was viewed as the land of opportunity, I have always uncertainty as the land of possibilities and no limitations. Humans are created to create and I view vocational time as a canvas to create and solve problems of humanity.
    4. Finally as my faith grew deeper after losing my father and becoming a mother in my 40’s — I developed a deep belief that earth is very temporary and eternity is the focus. This viewpoint reminds me of how precious life is to not bring my visions to life. I want to be at the end of my life knowing I tested my possibilities and potential.

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