How to ____

Please join Claudia Chan this Friday on how to live a more wholly-alinged life.  This is part 2 of a 6 series bootcamp on the subject. 

Date: 3/17/2023
Time: 11:30pm EST
Duration: 1 hr


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Women need to give themselves permission to improve because they often prioritize the needs of others over their own, and may feel guilty or selfish for investing time and resources in their own personal growth. By giving themselves permission to prioritize their own well-being and growth, women can break free from these limiting beliefs and invest in themselves, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Additionally, self-improvement can have a positive ripple effect on others in their lives, such as partners, children, and colleagues, as they model healthy behaviors and attitudes.



What we’ll cover during our call:

  • Your Inner World – A deeper dive What impacts you, what to disect and how to move forward.
  • Permission – Why it’s important we give ourselves the permission.
  • Trauma Origin & Sources  –



Claudia has helped empower over 10,000 individuals and 400+ Fortune companies  through her conferences, book, podcast and trainings.

  • Coach, Global Speaker, and Expert on Women’s Empowerment
  • New York Times Celebrated Author of This Is How We Rise
  • Founder of the Award-Winning S.H.E. Summit
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